This is how Call of Duty: Warzone will work with Black Ops Cold War

This is how Call of Duty: Warzone will work with Black Ops Cold War


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Early this morning Activsion finally revealed how everything will play out between Call of Duty Warzone and Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. It has been quite a few weeks since Activision gave us an update on how things will work moving forward.

On Day 1 Season one starts and already brings new game modes like 2v2 Gun Fights back and Nuketown 84 as the “pre-order” map but for everyone!

Starting November 13th with the launch of Black Ops Cold War, and continuing with the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season One and beyond, Warzone players will begin seeing new Black Ops Cold War content coming to all modes of the Call of Duty Battle Royale experience, including a variety of exciting content indicated in the Roadmap image (above). This is only the beginning: Like every off-the-books clandestine operation, expect to uncover more secrets, and experience memorable moments as the Cold War heats up across Verdansk (and beyond) in the months and seasons ahead.

First and foremost everything you unlock in Call of Duty : Black Ops War will be available to you in the Warzone. Literally every single thing you do counts towards not just these two games but also Modern Warfare, this means XPm unlocks and everything included in all 3 games

Most importantly for all those wondering, cross-play will indeed stay and work regardless of the game

However at the start of the season Modern Warfare’s Perks, Lethal Equipment, Tactical Equipment, Field Upgrades, and specific Killstreaks will remain in Warzone. This means that the killstreaks and equipment from Black Ops Cold War will not be available, just the weapons

Each weapon we unlock in either Call of Duty game will come to the Warzone, so don’t worry about the weapons you previously unlocked in Modern Warfare those will be indeed available in the new Warzone map. Same goes for everything weapon either blueprints and base weapons they will also level up accordingly whether you are in the main or game or in Warzone.

Progress in the usual manner by playing Multiplayer modes, completing Challenges (in either Black Ops Cold War or Modern Warfare) and Warzone matches.

Warzone Black Ops

Another news is that the Battle Pass is coming to Black Ops : Cold War and that content will also be available respectively on Warzone. You will also be able to gain XP and advance in the Battle Pass in either game.

To synchronize player progression across all three games, your initial (Military) rank will be reset within Modern Warfare and Warzone at the start of Black Ops Cold War Season One. This reset is synchronized to your current progression level in Black Ops Cold War when Season One begins.

This is a lot of information but again it reminds us that the Activision is definitely interested in maintaining all 3 games at once with content and new Battle Pass, by all of them sharing content it means that no player is left behind when they meet on the Warzone.

If you are coming from the PS5 remember that the Playstation 5 won’t be able to support internal SSD expansion on launch day.

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