Here’s why you should only consider the Playstation 5 this fall

Here’s why you should only consider the Playstation 5 this fall


Perfectly balanced as all things should be..

Being an early adopter on a console generation can pretty much define what you will play for the majority of the generation, however when we jump on the horse to get a next generation system we have to sit and reflect on which console do we see ourselves playing most and the reason that is convincing us to upgrade this early in the game without knowing the rodmap of games in the next 5 years.

Usually early adopters are the ones that end up spending more money both on games and accessories. But also the ones that get the worse deal in the first 12 months of a new console cycle (no game or service bundle with hardware)

And with that we are at the time of the generation that we start discussing with our friends which console are we gonna pick as a group to play, not only do we start discussing which platform to pick but also preparing to get rid of our old consoles from our Media setup (well at least for those people like me that can’t fit everything in their IKEA Besta)

But at the end of the day if you have 500$ budget you have to end picking a single console instead of opting for both. Early adopting at lunch means a higher cost than later down the road in 6 to 12 months

Usually when we have to pick a console we think about the following :

  • Where our friends play..  Let’s be honest no one wants to purchase a platform where none of their friends play in
  • Any exclusive content I want? Does it have the multi platform games I wanna play?
  • Does it have backwards compatible to our currents games & accessories ?…
  • Do I have to pick any additional storage or does it already bring enough?
  • And usually the most important… the price.

If we think about it, out of the 3 consoles we have this fall available to us at the stores only the PlayStation 5 checks all our marks The Xbox line up despite being a excellent price/quality proposition lacks two major aspects that drives people to wait instead of being a day one purchase, especially given that the Xbox bundles during the generation can be very persuasive.

One of the best aspects of this generation is that you can use your old accessories to benefit of new features like 3D Audio

The lacking aspects of the Xbox line up is without a doubt the offer of exclusive content and roadmap for its exclusives in 2021. After the Halo Infinite delay earlier this year, Microsoft lost It’s major software push for both this consoles, and as it stands right now Xbox is relying pretty up on Smart Delivery and Third Party content to sell their line up.

Before we dive in the exclusive software and how it offers a better value proposition over time for those users who want to experience games on the release day instead of opting to wait and purchase on another platform later in the cycle, we have to talk about the controllers.

Xbox Series X features a more classic approach on the controller by only doing life quality improvements on the new version of the Xbox controller, Sony on the other hand decided to push the envelope regarding feeling with their haptic technology.

GamePass is an amazing proposition however if you already have an Xbox there won’t be any content difference between the consoles, and you would be upgrading just for the graphic fidelity (something you could get later next year in a better deal)

If we look on the other side Sony proposition at 399/499€ / $ reveals the following launch exclusive content on DAY 1.

  • Demon Souls
  • Sackboy Adventure
  • Spider Man: Miles Morales
  • Bugsnax
  • Astro PlayRoom
  • PS Plus 20+ games from previous generation

And the issue doesn’t stop here, we already know the likes of Ratchet & Clank, Destruction All Stars are also coming shortly after launch which again reminds the consumer of early adopting the Playstation 5.

When we invest in a console we invest in a ecosystem, and for us to believe in it we have to see a roadmap, which is something Sony has definitely delivered on what we can expect in the first year of the PlayStation 5 in terms of “major players”

  • Final Fantasy XVI
  • Horizon : Forbidden West
  • God of War 2
  • Pathless
  • Ratchet and Clank : Rift Apart
  • Destruction All Stars

If you are a single player gamer there is no doubt that just by exclusive content alone the PlayStation 5 is already a promising console for the next 12 months.

It’s usually said content is king, and it’s without a doubt what makes or breaks to acquire one of these consoles this fall.

As it stands right now if you are a single player gamer there’s no doubt you should be picking the PlayStation 5 as your console purchase this fall.

However at the end of the day, should we be early adopting at all? The answer is Yes. But in my view only on the PlayStation 5 should be a option.

In fall 2021, there will be EXCLUSIVE CONTENT reasons to purchase a Xbox Series S or X and by then we will know much more of the Xbox mysterious roadmap, and I’m sure by the middle of 2021 we will able to acquire either of these consoles at a better deal with games and with actual exclusive content that will convince us to purchase and join the next generation Xbox ecosystem

By becoming an early adopter however there are certain things that we won’t be able to experience at launch as we have said before the a Playstation 5 won’t support internal SSD expansion at launch, that will come at a later date.. And again it rises the question if we should early adopt hardware which seems to be “not quite ready” yet for prime time

When we become a early adopter, we invest into a ecosystem & it’s respective roadmap and not just a console, that’s why if there isn’t a clear vision and the content to PLAY NOW we should wait.

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