Retrospective: Battlefield V – A short and disappointing Live Service

Retrospective: Battlefield V – A short and disappointing Live Service


Right to where it all began…

After the enormous commercially successful Battlefield 1 by DICE, fans were on their seats to see what the studio could possibly bring for the WW2 setting which after all is where the franchise started in the first place.

Well on E3 2018 Dice revealed to the public that the next instalment would not feature loot box mechanics first and foremost, but instead it would become a game as service.

They also revealed new features such as dragging a dead teammate body to revive him safely else were, player cosmetic features and new game modes coming like Battle Royal Firestorm among other promises. The game launched on 28 of November 2018.

On the surface it feels and plays like a Battlefield game, you start with the Single Player Campaign mode to get a small taste of the game play weapon and mechanics. Most of the missions have a nice story telling behind and the actor’s do a good job creating the atmosphere, to show us different sides of ww2. Apart from 1 or 2 of the stories they will not be stuck in your head for long. They are good but spread apart and don’t connect with each other making it feel short and not so memorable as it could.

The staple of the game has been the multiplayer aspect 64 player all out war and how does that fare?

Changes have been made here from the past games, the most noticeable of them is the gun fire and time to kill (ttk). Guns now have predictable recoil and attachment mods that are held back with skill trees of each weapon, where you spend points that are earned by levelling and playing games with in-game free currency. One step up from battlefield 1 but still far from older titles like 3 and 4.

As for TTK it has been tweaked several times by dice to be bigger so that newcomers to the series don’t feel frustrated, this would be fine if only dice had not announce that this was a hard core tactical battlefield game, they went back on that decision, making players looking forward to hardcore game play angry.

Ammo limit and no hp regeneration was added to make it harder for the player and make it seek actively teamwork. Later it was also tweaked so that you start the game with a bit more ammo, and lessen the hard aspect that was advertised at launch.
Fortification was a big new feature that you could build walls, barricades, machine guns and many other things, the idea worked like the engineer on old battlefield games but you’re not just repairing tanks, you have a tool and in specific conditions or areas you can use it to protect yourself or create a holding point.

Several promised features were not present on launch or never made it in the game at all such as carrying a dead teammate body. Battle royal mode Firestorm , vehicle cosmetics came later. Several modes were locked in game limited time events such as a fan favorite rush and front lines, So you needed to wait for week events so you can play them.

Chapter rank and tides of war management was not a savoir for it, the live service promised was established but not delivered as expected, cosmetic and prizes were not all that good in general although they were not difficult to get either. Although on some occasions like the tides of war pacific theatre, was a good patch with fresh content release that gave the game a bit of fresh air but, most importantly what fans wanted new maps, tons of new weapons and a rework on the chapter rewards prizes.

On the shop side with the paid currency ‘’boing’’ the shop offered little to no interest cosmetics, only the new elite soldier skins that changed the aspect voice and animations of your soldier and a little background to them for the lore fans out there. Things were not available to buy with free currency at the start of the game and to get it was a bit of a chore also.

However it was later rectified where you could win it a bit more easier and some cosmetic items of lower value were made available to buy with free currency.
All the dlc and updates have been made by now and the game was left on one abandoned state.

Can I Run it on my PC?

The minimum specs are not that hard to meet but even with the recommended specs the game did not run butter smooth at launch.

Fortunately DICE patched  the game several times due to many bugs that are still present to this day, DICE has ended support of the game so any major content drop any time soon. Well now the game runs good even on lower end hardware at 1080p low 30 to 40 fps and on recommended you get to 50 to 60fps normal 1080p, not included the DXR specs.

On the high end hardware unless you have a beefy pc with at least a 2080 TI don’t expect smooth performance with ray tracing, this was the first game with NVIDIA RTX implemented, a trailer and a demo was showed demonstrating its capability but the end product was disappointing, frame rate dropped below 50 to 30 fps with a 2080ti on ultra ray tracing 1080p.

Later this was patched and DLSS was available and improved together, with ray tracing on it made the game around the 60 fps at 1080p resolution, which is a big trade off to have for a feature. The final product was not as impressive as the demo showed before launch, it was just a fraction of what it was shown to us with a hefty cost. Without ray tracing on the 2080 ti, is capable of playing the game at 4k ultra 30fps and 1440p at 60fps ultra both with DXR medium.
I used Intel I5 8400 and one AMD R9 390 on HIGH settings.

The use of Frostbite Engine was one obvious choice as DICE uses the engine for a long time and understand it well. New debris mechanics were added to the game to make the feel and visual of rubble more realistic, but don’t expect to see it running unless you have a good PC at least with recommended specs. New animations where added, opening doors, getting into tanks, reviving, getting ammo or HP they have their set of bugs, like ammo or hp box not dropping but nothing game crashing, however I had problems that needed to reset the game  such as audio loss, stuck in the spawn menu and many others, most of them were patch so you won’t see most of them.

On max settings the world is full of detail and models look good, snow and effects look better than the previous title, with a little caveat. The art and color palette is very different from the last game to this one, in short if you have a High End PC,  this game looks amazing and with many details, but as soon as you’re in normal settings the game changes and the looks are a bit off. Battlefield 1 with medium settings or high looks and feels better than this one with the same engine. Like i said before this is mostly due to the color pallet, it was more vibrant and punchy plus good light effects, while battlefield V has a darker color and less light effects, it does have better models up close, more animations in general, bigger maps more details and filled.
As For sound Battlefield V sound is not bad but the guns on the previous entry were better, sounded unique, loud and punchy soldiers were also louder and reacted more to the environment, so the new game feels like a small step back.

So to wrap things off, battlefield V failed to stand up to the expectations and promises it made to its fans. Tons of features that never made it, slow feature and content roll, lots of bugs ,player controversy that plagued the launch and life of the game. It was a commercial fail compared to the old games but is it a bad game?

No, it’s a average game. At its core it feels, looks and plays like a battlefield game that we are used to from dice. But unfortunately it is stuck in the middle of the things that tries to achieve being a hard core battlefield game for old veterans and at the same time attract new players to the battlefield formula by not being that punishing on newcomers, which fails to do.

The gun play feels good, fortification it’s a new gimmick but a nice idea that can be better in the future games. Lock games modes need to stop If I want to play Rush or Frontline modes on a regular base , the Live Service got good a tweak but it is still far from perfect, the maps are good and and big the UI needs improving and the transactions need to be desirable not just average or elite soldiers there is no rewards on high level progression, no dog tags no skins per level no end game objectives no squadrons like bf1, it looks and feels like one unfinished game but brings many new things to be excited with what comes next.


Author's rating

Overall rating

Game Play
Art design
The good
  • Good core game play
  • Many free rewards
  • New good features
  • Good weapon customisation
The bad
  • Missing features
  • Locked game modes
  • No end game content
  • No auto balance
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