Rumor : Switch Pro coming in 2021 “might” get Mini-LED Display

Rumor : Switch Pro coming in 2021 “might” get Mini-LED Display


Wait what? The next iteration of the Switch might use Mini-LED? I mean Nintendo has been going “all in” with the “futuristic” push with USB-C push previously on Switch reveal but let’s slow down a bit.. Nintendo isn’t really known for the latest and the greatest, plus using Mini LED wouldn’t make sense in such a cheap consumer hardware device.
Either how the report suggests that Nintendo has recently visited Innolux, one of the companies currently making Mini LED, more details on this rumor below.

The report suggests that Nintendo has recently visited Innolux, with the insinuation that it may be parting company with its current screen suppliers Sharp and JDI and using Mini-LED display technology from Innolux in an upgraded Switch rumoured to arrive next year.
Contrary to traditional LCD backlights, Mini-LED screens provide a much more local field of backlighting to illuminate the pixels on the screen more precisely, improving screen contrast and, potentially, battery life (there’s less ‘waste’ or light spill as light is only delivered to pixels that need it).
So what does this mean for a hypothetical Switch Pro? Screen contrast and brightness to rival that of an OLED screen and improved battery life as the console draws power more efficiently to the parts of the screen that need illumination. Whether this rumour turns out to be substantial is anyone’s guess at the moment, but of all the wild whispers doing the rounds, this certainly sounds more plausible than many.
So what do you think about this news? Is Nintendo really doing a back to the future type of thing with Mini-LED? This ain’t the first time we heard Nintendo is prototyping some crazy stuff, but we doubt this rumor is going to happen since Mini LED is still a couple of months until it hits major consumer hardware, plus we all know Nintendo likes to keep their product BIll of Materials low
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