Spider-Man Remastered Save Transfer Now Available

Spider-Man Remastered Save Transfer Now Available


A user on Resetera has noticed that Spider-Man Remastered and the PS4 version have just been updated to support save transfer between PS4 and PS5, it seems like Insomnia / Sony have pushed the patch during this weekend  to the servers.

As we previously reported last week, Insomniac announced that they were actively working to get the save transfer available around the time of  the European release of the Playstation 5.

First you must update the PS4 version to 1.19, then upload the game save when on the save selection screen. The PS5 version must also be updated to 1.001.000 to allow save downloads. The PS5 and PS4 versions can be installed at the same time on PS5 by going to the Remastered game page, selecting the 3 dots next to “Play”, selecting “PS4 Full”, then download.

For those curious about the trophies, don’t worry because they will automatically sync.


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