Sony explains the lack of 1440p resolution on PS5, and talks about the future of PSVR

Sony explains the lack of 1440p resolution on PS5, and talks about the future of PSVR


OLED is the way to go?

During an interview with AV watch Sony’s Hideaki Nishino revealed that the lack of 1440p is due to the TVs being the highest priority when it comes down to display

The current PS5 does not support output at 1440p, but this is based on the idea that “I want to give top priority to TV support” (Mr. Nishino). “There is no technical problem at all” (Mr. Ito), so it seems that we will respond if there are many requests while watching the market trends.

Seems if many fans request it, we will end up seeing a 1440p deployed via system update according to the interview.

Sony shouldn’t need a request to add 1440p output resolution, with 2560×1440 being a mid field resolution between 1080p and 2160p, they should know that PC Gamers use this resolution. Since you know after all they do release games on the PC

It’s not really surprising that Sony focuses on their Bravia TV line up instead of monitors, due to the fact that on the US Sony, Sony is heavily focusing on selling the Bravia OLED line up this fall by pairing it with the Playstation 5 launch.

Additionally, Sony further commented on what the future might bring to the PSVR with a little tease. Also worth pointing out that the interview also mentioned the “boost” mode for PSVR games, Blood and Truth for example is getting a PS5 patch next week.

Also, I think that there is a “boost” merit that PS5 improves the experience.

However, the answer to Mr. Nishida’s question is, “I would like to expect PS5 to have a VR experience suitable for PS5.” I can’t comment any further, but I’d like to expect it (laughs).

What are your thoughts on the lack of 1440p resolution?

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  • Christian1

    November 11, 2020

    I don’t personally care too much about 1440p, but if it gives another option for developers and players then great, but I do wonder what will happen if you fire up a copy of a BC game that supports 1440p like Warhammer 40k: Martyr and put it into 1440p mode.

    • Pedro Relvas2

      November 11, 2020

      I believe that this will benefit those PC gamers that have a 1440p monitor! 🙂


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