Playstation 5 won’t support SSD storage expansion at launch

Playstation 5 won’t support SSD storage expansion at launch


The more storage the better....

We all know that the PS5 features a super fast SSD, but what about those of us who will purchase all the upcoming games on the first 6 months? Will we able to expand our storage at launch?

Turns out that we won’t be able to expand our internal SSD storage at the launch of PS5, according to The Verge who recently talked to Sony.

While the PS5 features a dedicated internal slot that can theoretically fit standard stick-shaped M.2 SSDs and an easy way to access it, the slot will apparently be disabled out of the box. “[T]his is reserved for a future update,” Sony tells The Verge.

However it seems like Playstation 5 won’t support SSD storage we will be waiting for a future update that will turn this feature on, however this means we will need to micro manage our PS5 game library for the very first few couple of months.

Here at Hyped Pixels we are recommending our readers to buy a external SATA SSD to connect via USB to the Playstation 5 for your precious PS4 games. This will allow you to save all the internal drive space for the upcoming Playstation 5 games.

Additionally hold off on buying those PCIE Gen 4 NVME SSDs until Sony does indeed publish their article on the recommended drives, this article should come out around the same time the “supposed” patch that will allow the console to use external SSD upgrades.

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