Playstation 5 Upcoming Launch Games Titles Trophy List Revealed

Playstation 5 Upcoming Launch Games Titles Trophy List Revealed


Trophy unlocked

Here they are! Everyone has been so busy with the Playstation 5 reviews and gameplay videos that nobody even wondered about the Trophies that these new games will bring.

However today the full trophy list has been revealed via Exophase. Follow the links below so you can better see how diificult it will be to platinum these games!

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered features 79 trophies

Demon’s Souls features 37 trophies

ASTRO’s Playroom features 46 trophies

Sackboy : A Big Adventure also features 46 trophies

Godfall as well features 46 trophies

Bugsnax is a odd one since it only features 28 trophies

If you are curious about the other 3rd party titles you can find the full list here

Are you guys getting ready to platinum any of these days?

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