Playstation 5 Coil Whine issues appear on some customers

Playstation 5 Coil Whine issues appear on some customers


Contact Sony ASAP if you have any of these issues.

Yesterday was the major Playstation 5 release in the countries that had the November 12th release date, and as with every consumer device release there are issues.

There have been a couple of fans who end up getting defective units or a couple of units with issues. As it stands right now these customers are able to request a new unit from Sony, so not everything is a bad sign!

Right now, it seems like some of the issues are relating to coil whine issues, others report issues with the fans! See below a statement from one of the users on Resetera that ended up getting issues

So last night I set up my PS5, expecting it to be dead silent considering how massive it is and all the talk I’ve heard. As soon as I turned it on and put my ear next to it, I could hear some low buzzing. It wasn’t bad at all and pretty much gone from my seating position of 10 feet away.

Okay, so not bad so far. No jet fan and very light buzzing. So I start up God of War, and I hear an uptick in the pitch and sound level. Still not bad but a slight difference. So I decide to give it an actual PS5 game to test, which was Astro’s Playroom. As soon as I got to the part where you swipe the touchpad to shoot Astro out, the system buzzing got loud. I could hear a constant “bzzzzzzzzzzz” coming from the PS5. It sounded just like Pro coil whine, only louder.

I went to the Home Screen and the noise immediately stopped. Back to the game and it was buzzing again. I decided to check around and saw more than a few posts here on resetera and a good amount of people on Reddit complaining of the same thing.

Now I get people being happy it’s not a rocket anymore, but the amount of buzzing coming from this thing is worse than any plasma tv I’ve ever owned and I’m really not happy. I’d rather some wind

Another couple of fans posted videos on YouTube which you will be able to see for yourself below, showing the problems some of their units have.

If you have any issue with any of your units, remember to discuss the issue with Sony asap so can get your replacement unit!

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