Overcooked! All You Can Eat Review

Overcooked! All You Can Eat Review


It’s Hell’s Kitchen Time

 “Welcome, welcome!

Here, have a sit.

Take our menu.  Read, choose it carefully and … relax.

We shall bring your food in no time.”

This could be the main motto for a cooking game … It could, but not on “Overcooked: All You Can Eat”.

The original game was released in August 2016, as a multiplatform game, for PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One. Being released for Nintendo only in 2017. It was so good that in 2018 Overcooked 2 got a chance to shine, keeping the same goals and having additional content too, as seasonal DLCs.

The success was important for Team17 to release a remastered version of both games, as a way to introduce the saga to the new generation of consoles, as a launch title.

The task is pretty simple: Cook!!! Cook and serve delicious recipes to starving customers. But don’t underestimate it!  It’s not that easy, and sometimes, not that tasty. This simple task can show up being our worst nightmare as we watch all the obstacles and unpredictable things stopping us from cooking.  

Both stories are funny, appealing and they never leave the main theme of the game. Overcooked starts in an apocalyptic scenario where our mortal enemy is a meatball…

Yes, you read it folks … A HUGE GREASY MEATBALL with spaghetti bolognese arms and an insatiable hunger!!

Our goal is feeding that monster and saving the Onion Kingdom (and its king) from its anger … and hunger, using our cooking skills and unbeatable teamwork, while making time travel to learn more recipes and improve them.

According to what I just wrote, our main boss is, indeed, the giant Meatball … waiting for food, while destroying the Onion Kingdom. Overcooked 2 Kept the apocalyptic environment but this time thanks to boisterous Unbread … yup … UNBREAD!!!!

Our dear Onion King awakened those weird and funny bread slices by using ancient magic to do some old recipe… Yeah … “And it was at this moment that he knew…” He screwed up! Oh well, we can imagine what happens next! While those creatures try to invade and destroy the Onion Kingdom, we have to travel all around the kingdom to discover new cooking techniques and improve them, once again.   

Our final level led us to multiple scenarios where we have to provide tons and tons of food to the Unbread and show what we have learned during the game, and, of course, save the kingdom from the walking moldy bread. Both games have 6 parts consisting of 4 or 6 levels, where we learn techniques, recipes, and co-op notion and strategy to defeat the final boss (Meatball and Unbread).

Both games have several DLCS, most of them being seasonal, making you cook at Christmas, Chinese New Year, Halloween, Camp Day, Carnival, Summer, and so on, showing us specific kinds of scenarios and unique recipes. They are funny, a bit difficult when compared with the main story, but a nice addition to the game.

As I mentioned, the objective is quite simple, pay attention to the customer’s order, prepare it, and deliver it soon as possible, before time runs out.  This is a co-op game, which means we cannot have only one chef playing, having always two. If there’s only one person playing, it has to control both chefs, switching between them as long as is needed.

Serve as much as you can to earn points. Earning points means more chances to win stars. Complete all levels with three stars … and you’re the best!! (Too bad that you’ll have to do it all over again to win the fourth star). 

About difficulty, when I first played Overcooked, I found it a little bit difficult. Earning points was not that easy to do, and that was kinda frustrating. Overcooked 2 shows up being more accessible in that way, and that’s one of the reasons I like the overcooked 2 more than the first one.

This new remaster it’s a perfect match between the two versions. It’s not “easy pizza lemon squeezy”, but it’s not “hard as …” you know what I mean!!  The perfect balance between both of them makes the game, almost, a perfect choice for those who love cooking games (like me!), and if Overcooked 2 was, indeed, my favorite one, this “all you can eat” did not disappoint.

Another amazing feature … The way Team 17 implemented the PS5 controller features. We all know how good the controller is and what it can do, and Team17 knew how to use it in this game.

Remember that annoying “bip, bip” we used to hear when time is almost over? Now you do not hear it on your TV, instead, you have it on your hands. The controller starts to vibrate and to “bip” when the level it’s almost over, but that’s not all. When the food is boiled and almost burnt, we feel a similar buzzing on our hands. At the beginning, it felt like a jump scare, as I wasn’t expecting that, but now I think it is quite useful and funny. Of course, I always get surprised by this feature, but it’s very useful.

Some friends of mine asked me about the difference between this new Overcooked All you can eat, and the previous. Well … There’s a lot to report about it, especially on the first Overcooked.

When compared with Overcooked 2, the graphics on the first game were not that appealing, were kind of weird, the animation was not as colorful. I mean, when it was released, yes, it “was good”, but after Overcooked 2 launch, the first was put aside on my game list. Buuttt … Not this new one. Playing the first Overcooked with all the mechanics and assets from Overcooked 2 was the main reason to make me want to play it all over again and try to pass it all, story and DLCS. I guess that’s something gamers and fans will enjoy. The game is so pretty now, everything it’s so different but so good at the same time.

The only complaint that I have about it is …. There was still no throw command!!! And that “pissed me off” … (Nope, just kidding)!!!  Well, maybe it bugs me a little because the throw command makes some levels easier to complete, and that’s something Overcooked 2 got us used to.

 I “spent” many hours playing solo, trying to exceed myself and go further in the game, and other many hours having amazing moments with my friends and trying to convince others, playing with me. Even knowing that Overcooked 2 was, and still is, my favorite (along with its DLCs) I want to play it all over again, all of them ( like I said before). It’s this kind of feeling that makes a game a good game! The desire to want to do it all over again, over and over without being tired of it. And it works for me.

In conclusion, it was a pleasant surprise, to me, as a gamer and a fan, having a new Overcooked. Having new features to discover and be pleased with, and seeing it being remade in such a good way. This was, from the beginning, a wonderful and challenging game to just being put aside. Thank you to Team17 for making me play this again and again!


Author's rating

Overall rating

The good
  • Appealing and comical narratives and characters.
  • The different art styles and colorful environments.
  • Challenging levels
  • Cute and joyful soundtrack.
The bad
  • No “throw” command on Overcooked (1).
  • A small discrepancy in the level of difficulty between the main game and the DLCs.
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