Top 10 most Memorable video games of 2010


What were the most memorable video games of 2010 for you?

There were many good and great games in this decade so let’s all have a trip down memory lane of some of the most memorable games, whether it was RPGs, shooters, JPRGs and even indie games.. One thing for sure is that 2010 had some of the best games in the last generation.

Disclaimer I will put some games here that were memorable for the wrong reasons also because not all games strike us as good they were.

 10 –  Bayonetta

Made by Platinum Games who may ring some bells, by the like of titles like Star Fox, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Vanquish and Nier: Automata. All very cool games on their own, who pulled their weight

Bayonetta it’s one confusing since the game came in Japan ate 2009 but the rest of the world in 2010 but ill include it in the list.  It’s a great game were your a witch, and your main goal it’s to recover your memories and beat the heck out of angels.

After losing your memory and learning you have been cast aside by someone and are at the moment doing your best as a hired gun to live as you try to remember you past you go on a rampage journey that will put your skills to the test, as you level up you’ll get new weapons and gear from hell plus new combos yes you’ll want to combo the most as passible.

If you’ve played Devil May Cry this is right up your ally, hack and slash with some RPG mechanics were you whip out combo and ranks by the beating you give to enemies. It can get hard and chaotic but that’s precisely the point getting chaotic and fun.

Bayonetta takes it over the top with some voce sexy lines and puns and story. The visuals were good for the time but haven’t aged so good but the game play is gold. Also for the anime fans will probably like this one, so go check it out even if you’re just a fan of hack and slash this is a great entry for your library.

9 – Super Meat Boy

Oh boy where do I start… This game made by Team Meat on Flash is among one of the best I have ever experienced 

This is a single player platform game, but not just a platform game. This is the Dark Souls of platforms if you get my point.  It’s hard, brutal even and will frustrate you. I know nowadays there is a new genre but at the time this game got widely known and advertised and made much success.

This is a game where you’re a red square named Meat Boy , and your mission is to rescue your girlfriend, the Bondage girl, and yes you heard that right. This is a big game it takes a while to complete has many levels but most important your going to die, Super Meat Boy might not be the first to create this genre of hard hellish platforms but it was sure one of the most known and difficult ones that set the bar for many others. oh did i mention the antagonist ? It’s named Dr. Fetus, good luck and have fun.

8 – Super Mario Galaxy 2 

This one’s self explanatory , it is a Super Mario game, a platformer and a super fun one ate that, but different from the last entry. This game wants you to explore and have fun.

As is Nintendo fashion if you have never heard of super Mario, once again princess peach was kidnaped by Bowser and King Koopa and want to control the universe, since this has galaxy on the title and it’s your job to save the universe and by the way peach. You go to planet to planet collecting stars in different and fun environments and you get the ability to ride Yoshi  and several new power ups a step up from the previous title.

The looks did not improve over time but Mario its not know for its breath-taking visual anyway, and it was launched on the Nintendo Wii one of the most sell consoles at the time but didn’t sell as much as the previous title which is a shame since it had several improvements over the last one most noticeably the levels and how they play out and many mechanics you can still see to day o other Mario games like Mario Odyssey and you should definitely try this on if your in to platform games.

7 – Battlefield Bad Company 2 

I’ll Just say this up front Bad Company 1 is good but feels like a prototype, although many features we will talk about now are not new they were significantly improved and re worked for Bad Company 2.

Why is this shooter good and not Call of Duty Black Ops? Well they are both good but this game saw huge improvements and set staples that are present even on new games, thus the importance of this game.

New use of Frostbite Engine 1.5, the mere possibility to destroy every environment. i can not understate the improvements on this game and the fun it was blowing stuff up and it went to become a franchise stable but a bit turned down now a days, so you can still have some cover by the end of the match.

The Single player it’s not what battlefield is known for, but bad company takes this approach very differently from the main games back in the day the single player campaign of bad company was very good fun and memorable, and on recent titles still can’t match it, but are improving as time goes on, maybe one day.

Multiplayer modes reduced the game max player count to 32 on same game modes, plus the maps are smaller which makes a huge impact, the game feels faster and more action packed. It had 5 game modes but one new game that became a staple of the franchise rush.

Player and weapons customizations were very good at the time, and made a comeback on Battlefield 3 that was heavily influenced by some of this changes as was the case with the soldier classes also were simplified for this game and future games followed the simplicity trend less classes more specialized in gadgets and equipment, squads were also smaller four players only due to the smaller max player count and classes.

The guns felt great punchy and intuitive to use and the DLC is free with the exception of Vietnam who added tons of new things and almost could be a new game entirely. 

6 – Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood 

By  many people at the time this is one of the best or the best assassins creed so why is that?

Well it was one important entries for the franchise Assassin’s Creed II was a great successes and this game smacked the previous game and made it better, it had the same combat but took it to a new level with new weapons and gadgets, the story is short but good with a known character of assassin’s Ezio Auditore, but not the young Ezio as on the previous title , a new and mature version that thinks and acts differently witch makes the story short but pretty.

I’m not here to spoil you but it’s been a while and you should have already played this if not go check it out.

The story takes place in a fabulous and history rich city of Rome following events of Assassins’ Creed II. You’ll spend many hours doing its side quests because most are pretty good a hard thing to say about this genre, they give you depth to the main story.

There is also the Brotherhood system, where you rescue people that can help you later on during missions, you level them up to make them stronger and help even more like for example, during the main quest you need to assassinate one person you can call them and they will do it for you a new fun and pretty cool system that rewards your efforts. 

 It aged well, still looks good and plays good for today despite not being the RPG focused games that the current new entries are.

5 – Starcraft II

Rejoice blizzard fans, your saviour will reward you with this gem of a game. You cannot simply not mention this game; it is after all the RTS that redefined the big Esports. Sure there are more good games of the genre but Starcraft set the big stage with its tournaments. 

The premise it’s simple, 3 species go on all out  war, destroying your opponents to win. Simple and intuitive great multiplayer and co -op. Introducing the cloud saves something that we take for granted almost nowadays.
It’s an overwhelming game for new players you need to keep up with new strategies and there are tons of them, but the single player serves as a great tutorial.

It features a hard learning curve but if you do learn it and like hard tactical games this will delight you most of the games are evenly matched. If you’re new one and like a deep tactical game but not multiplayer mode you’ll be losing on a great experience but the story does it justice and will let you be pleased.

A game that marked a generation of the RTS world by storm and is still widely known for its huge tournaments and hard plays.

4- Red Read Redemption

Can you remember the last good cowboy game you played ? Yep it’s probably a Red Dead game.

Not to say there are not more good games about the genre, but this one is way more wide spread and known, it was a console exclusive unfortunately but it was way ahead of its time better than for example GTA4 which is a good game.

It brought a new era and setting to Rockstar which was how can we make a western game like GTA and make it interesting, and they nailed it, made it with one of the best stories and worlds ever with, nice twits along the way.

The world has a nice style and visual look of what you typically see in western movies. You have plenty to do excluding the main story, such as horse breeding which is your main means of transportation in this game, gabling, gunfight, bounty hunting and much more.

There are several events that can happen randomly through the map like public executions, animal attacks, shootings and much more which make the game that most areas are not populated, feel alive and unique. +

There is always something happening at a given place and time. The decisions you make during the game and side quests and events affect one overall honor system, that influences also how those events play out or how the NPC’s of the game react to you.

As for the gun play it added new machines such as the deadeye mechanic with which the player can focus on a specific body part and much more once you upgrade the ability

It’s visuals are not the best but are good for the era and you won’t be disappointed going back now. Multiplayer is present and is close to what the single player offers but with friends more fun plus a competitive mode and co-op. You should definitely try this one if you can because as mentioned before this game is a console exclusive and you’ll need a PlayStation 3 or x box 360 to play it.

3- Mass Effect 2

It was a shift on the Mass effect formula why? It stopped being RPG focus and started to be more story action fixed, this can be good or bad depending on what you wanted. 

A good story for me it’s hard to do but makes the game worth and memorable for years to come and Mass effect 2 does a better job than the first. Bioware is good at telling stories, this game it’s a statement of that, there are tons of new characters and side stories which have huge lore implications and all come together nicely.

The NPC’s are memorable, the worlds are more detailed and rich plus you get a new type of ques called personal quest that gives you new insight and perspective to your crew members that otherwise you wouldn’t have any interest in.

There were drastic engine improvements that made the game play miles better than the first in most ways, the character animations are more fluid and quicker to respond to players inputs like in out of cover, the AI its responds better to player command not perfect but improved, gunplay feels and looks better than the first game, heath and shields regenerate and drop during game play and much more.

Like I said the game lost a bit of it’s RPG mechanic and got more simple and easy to use. You can now find new weapon technologies and you can later upgrade them, abilities have now been reduced and made simpler, you don’t need to manage your inventory as much as you need to get better at shooting, a nice system balance of both not too complicated with some depth to it. you can go easily back to this one and be amazed but you’ll need to play the first to understand the story or just go look for a synopsis of the old plot.

2- Fallout : New Vegas

What happened with Vegas will stay with Vegas, this was a Fallout game not made by Bethesda , but instead by obsidian. successor to fallout 3 the bar is high how did it fare?

Well good depending on your taste, it’s a new spin and scenario to the franchise, the core mechanics and gameplay it’s pretty much the same  you need to measure rad, food, inventory, V.A.T.S. system everything you loved or hated from the old game is here. So what changed ?

Engine, creative engine is the new tool made from the old Fallout 3 engine, which makes the game look ever so slightly better in the graphical department but also turns to eleven the bugs and glitches that Bethesda is known for in its games.

The main difference in this games is the narrative, witch is way different in new Vegas you can be anything and part of anything, you create your own back story and as the game progress you can join specific gropes or just create yours entirely, the world adapts to your actions, in terms emersion there is plenty for you to do. There are several endings for this game and all of them are pretty cool to do.

The tone of the game is more lively compared to the old entry. The game has color and attitude, fun moments, a very different approach from the darker and creepy wasteland from before if you’re into that just play the old one. But if you want a more not so dark and funnier story this one is a good starting point.

1 – Amnesia : The Dark Descent

Watching people scream on the internet? It mostly came from this game, back in the day scary games were not mainstream but that all changed with this game was a new type of horror games and was well made for the time it got a good boost in popularity due to a marriage of a platform (YouTube) and many people doing game plays even becoming the biggest channel on the platform (PEWDIEPIE) both grown one in sales and another in subscribers. thanks to this game also the genre of horror games grew in popularity spontaneously and not many games can do that.

The story is very complex to the end of the game but is cool to see it play out. The premise is simple: you are in a castle with amnesia. You have no idea where you are or who you are, from there the objective is simple, uncover the past and survive, but things are never that simple. You have a monster roaming around the castle ready to kill you on sight so you need to be stealth and careful.

All this while you have to pay attention to your sanity meter, and although this was not the first game with it it was a good implementation, it causes the screen to wrap and zoom and much more visual and audio effects which makes your game play difficult.

This game can not be beat by killing the monster so you need to adjust to it and not beat it by hiding and running, yea so many possibilities I know.

As for looks the game has not aged so well the original but it’s a game about feel and ambient and it succeeds in both easily.

Let there be Honor in These

There are a lot of other games in this year that I did not mention so I’ll do one honorable mention here.

I advise you to check out these games as well God of War 3, Bioshock 2, Call of Duty Black Ops, each deserving of one spot in the rewind

Be sure to leave a comment for more good games of the year that you feel are missing and why. if you like this or agree with my view hit that like button and let us know if you want more content like this. 

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