Mars Horizon review

Mars Horizon review


Did you ever want to be an astronaut or be a part of NASA?

Well, let me direct you to Mars Horizon, a space agency manager. This is a simulation game made by Auroch Digital and published by The Irregular Corporation. It was launched recently on Steam and We’re taking a look at this simulator today to see what makes it special.

You start this game in the year 1950 and you pick one of the several space agencies from several different countries, like NASA (USA), ESA (Europe) and even japan’s JAXA there are some to choose from and each with different bonuses. Europe gives Science bonus, or the states get building costs lower. So pick what you want, everyone starts with the same technology at the start of the game.

This game has no ultimate objectives, but it introduces milestones that are some missions you can try to accomplish first for some bonus rewards like land on the moon, send your first Rocket to space, etc. You have 3 things to manage: Income, Science and Media. Each gives you access to many things, Science makes you get new types of buildings and technology, Media is your level bar (sort of say) and Income makes you buy stuff and hire people, pretty simple stuff.

Where this game gets complicated is on the milestones against other agencies. You’ll need to manage your time if you want to be in front of the competition, sometimes you will need to launch a mission with more risk, like parts being more expensive than normal or materials not being as reliable, even bad weather that can compromise your mission. You’ll take risks if you want to be the best but you can just chill and do at your pace, the game has several difficulty settings to choose from.

As you progress through time and milestones, you’ll unlock Space Sedia entries of real-life event curiosities.

The game gets more complex overtime to keep you interested and gives you new stuff for you to pay attention to or to strive for, eventually even populating space.

As for technical date, the game is not heavy on PC and runs good on the Switch, there is room for improvement in the Switch some cutscenes that are not pre-rendered, have frame drops with the effects it puts on screen. Nothing game-breaking, but keep in mind that most of the game runs fine, the only nuisance I have with it is the mouse emulation, on the Switch version there is a mouse emulation going on most of the time, but quick button mapping solves most of my griefs with that system.

This game is a lot of fun, it’s a small chilled game.

I don’t remember the last time I had so much fun in this type of game. I wanted to be the first to achieve some milestones, but if I missed others I didn’t feel penalized because of it, and that made it possible to adjust the game flow to my tastes. The game does not let me AFK and just run it, it throws some puzzles to keep my mind in it, not in a painful way, they are simple quick and you can make it harder or easier if you’re having trouble. It was funny to start conspiracy theories with the Media, or just make some countries my rivals and race them to some milestones, even the music helped me relax while playing.

Remember this is an Indie game and it costs around 17.99 on steam or 19.99 on the switch. I highly advise you to play this game if you like chilled games, simulation, or just space management content in general, this is for you and you’ll defensively enjoy it. For hardcore fans be aware that it might feel kind of short for some people few things to do if you rush it. 


Author's rating

Overall rating

Art design
The good
  • Space Wiki
  • Very Adjustable Difficulty
  • Small Fun events pop up regularly (media or news)
The bad
  • Mouse emulation (switch version)
  • Some Frame drops
  • Feels a Bit Short in content
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