Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning

Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning


An underrated gem returns...

What is it and where I remember it from?

Re-reckoning is a remaster from one old title called kingdoms of Amalur: reckoning made by THQnordic, that never got the chance to shine, it had many good developers at the time working on it like Mark nelson and Ken Rolston from Oblivion and Fallout 3 , R. A. Salvatore composer of Super Smash Bros, 007 Goldeneye and even World Of Warcraft new expansion Shadowlands, and many more. 

I enjoyed the original at the time and still have fond memories of it, so when I heard of a remaster I was pretty pumped to get my hands on it to see that world again in high resolution, better frames, and see old faces again.

Why didn’t it managed to Be Successful? 

 There are many factors to that question but a very crowded market and a brand new IP with little marketing might be some of the causes. After a couple of years, after its release, a niche community was created around it and slowly this game become an underrated gem that never got to be in the spotlight.

Just for context at the time 2011 we had Minecraft, Skyrim, Star Wars: Old Republic, World of Warcraft : Mists of Pandaria just to name a few, and the fallowing year many others followed like Diablo 3 and Mass Effect 3. It’s a difficult  spot to be if you’re a newcomer. 


Well if you’re one of the rare species that bought it in 2012, the game will look similar now in 2020, story, gameplay, and visuals. You cannot talk about the Kingdom of Amalur without mentioning the amazing dialogues and the lore behind it all and that massive lore is all still here, the main story is the same since this is a remaster and not a rework all the quests are as you remember. But for all the newcomers out there let me break it down without spoilers.

You are the “Fateless One”, you have previously died before and come back to life due to one experiment in the well of souls. You’re the first and only successful attempt made by the scientist Fomorous Hugues, the facility you are ‘’reborn’’ is attacked and you manage to escape. Once outside you find the mortal world is at war and the person responsible for the attack on the facility, is your and all the mortal races in the world enemy Tuatha Deohn, and it is your duty to uncover your past, how you were brought back from the dead and stop this war.

Did I mention that the Tuatha Deohn is kind of immortal also? I say kind of because they are brought back in a way, when one falls in battle, another soon emerges from the hollows to take up arms.

Let me put it simple for you it’s a game and you are OP. The game has a nice flow and play loop, you can have 2 weapons with you, 1 primary and 1 secondary, this can go from any number of combinations like grate sword and a staff to dagger and mace which make all sorts of combinations possible and fun. It is just like a Hack and Slash RPG style of game.

  You have some skill trees, level up get more spells or actions you can use like for example, one you can get early on it’s a grappling hook that can pool enemies to you so you can slice or smash if you into that type of thing. There are skill points you get by level up that give you a specific set of skills like, blacksmith, lockpick, dispelling, etc. You also get some ability trees sets, finesse(rogue), might(warrior) and sorcery(mage) these are self-explanatory.

 There is also one key point that needs mentioning, you have one ability called reckoning mode, which slows time, you do more damage and take less, enemies defeated during this mode are stun. When you get to one stunned enemy you get the option to execute it (frameshifting), you get a fatality kill on one enemy that prompts the player to mash a button and the more you mash the more extra XP you gain, up to 100% more and all the enemies stun are killed. You have a reckoning meter that depletes when active and goes to zero once you’ve finished using it.

Can you run this on your PC?

Requirements to play this are simple you only need one NVidia 3090 and one intel 10900k,butter-smooth 4k experience but if your a budget gamer and can’t get that simple hardware this game got you covered.

The basic requirements for this are just the same as the original game Intel or AMD CPU dual-core 2.5hz, graphics DirectX 10 feature  NVidia or AMD with 1gb VRAM, and 40 GB of storage will get you low setting 30 no problem. The game runs well on recommended settings 60 fps at 1080p. I would say it runs now better and smoother than the old version.

My latest test rig was i5 8400 and R9 390, and the patch was 1.08 the latest version at the time of this writing.

So with that out of the way how does the remastered look? It looks almost the same the improvements were so few, don’t get me wrong, for a 2012 game it was good but for 2020 remastered definitely no, the environments look good, the characters and cities look fine again for a 2012/11 game not for now. It leaves too much to be desired, however, you are not in this game for the graphics you are in for a surprise in terms of ambient music, and voice acting is good as they were not changed.

  The animations are also the same, nothing new to write home about which is pretty sad, much potential, or little tweaks that could have been made for example vaulting or jumping button which is not present in the game.

In summary, who is this for ?

This is a game for the people who already played it before to get a trip down memory lane, or for someone who likes classics or even just some good stories.

It is nice to see this very good game come back to life but not as I was hoping, it feels like a cheap remaster with no effort into it. The qualities it has are all from the past, no new addition at least yet. There are rumors about a new DLC coming named fatesworn, but I’m not seeing any new graphics or gameplay overall.

 If you can overlook the graphics and some old mechanics you’re in for a treat of story and just a nice overall RPG and if you’re an old fan you can just play the original if your nostalgic unless you really really want this native 4k remaster.


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Art design
The good
  • Good Main Story
  • Great Combat
  • Good skill Tree System Combinations
  • Not Much of Graphical Improvements
  • No Game Play Improvements
  • High Price for the Quality and Remaster Changes
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