Halo Infinite Craig meme is now a t-shirt worn by Microsoft employees

Halo Infinite Craig meme is now a t-shirt worn by Microsoft employees


Embrace it

Who would know that the brute named Craig from Halo Infinite would end up becoming a Mascot for Microsoft themselves? Honestly, we ain’t even mad and agree with Microsoft that this would be the best approach to this situation.

In an interview with Gamespot, Spencer is asked if the former Xbox Series X launch title Halo Infinite could release with a reversible cover that has Craig the brute on the other side, referencing a meme from earlier in the year. Spencer’s response might surprise you, as it’s evidence that 343 Industries and Microsoft are having some fun with the quite brute-al meme.

“We actually have these t-shirts, I didn’t wear it today, which is Craig’s face. I love that the team embraced that, it was just so funny. Yeah. I think Craig will be around for many, many decades in the Halo lore. You’ll find his pictures all over the place. Yeah. Probably in games somewhere,” Spencer says, laughing.

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