Bluepoint Games Head Of Studio Calls 30fps Mode A “Slideshow” (when switching from 60fps)

Bluepoint Games Head Of Studio Calls 30fps Mode A “Slideshow” (when switching from 60fps)


Digital Foundry has recently had the opportunity to interview Bluepoint Games about Demon Souls technical achievement. During the interview with Digital Foundry, Bluepoint Games specifically mentioned that 60 fps was their intended experience for the player. However turning on quality mode for the photos, can improve the experience by a “little” bit due to the resolution bump and some additional effects.

During one of the questions regarding cinematic and quality mode, the head of studio called the 30fps mode a “slideshow” after switching from 60fps

It’s a great time to be a gamer. Look at the PS5 games so far –
When was the last time we had this many launch games run at 60fps?
It’s evident that developers care about performance and for good reason:

If nobody pushed for better technology we would still be playing games in 240p – and I bet there would be people here claiming it was “good enough”.

If you are interested to see for yourself, check the video below at the 8:50 mark. We highly recommend you watching the video as Digital Foundry content is just simply amazing.

Here at Hyped Pixels we agree upon that fast and tactical games like Demon Souls definitely need to be played at 60FPS! We will soon have our Demon Souls Review so please stay tuned for more! In the meanwhile take a look at our Playstation 5 review

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