Star Wars Battlefront 2 Live Service review

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Live Service review


A "New Hope"

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This will be difficult to do, but just ignore the initial issues this game had by the time it was released and a little beyond, for now and just read to the end, maybe I’ll change your mind about coming back to this game and if your new hold on tight, this is a bumpy ride but it has a good end.

Star Wars is a big franchise that EA bought the game licence from Disney in 2013, and they  6will keep it if nothing goes wrong until 2023. They picked DICE studios to make the next battlefront game. DICE also made the last Star Wars battlefront game and it was not that impressive, so stakes were high for this new entry in the series.

Back in the day, the original Battlefront 2 game made In 2005, was one of the best battlefront games. So what did they achieve? Anger and frustration from most fans.

It was promised by EA that they would learn from previous mistakes and make a free live service out of this game, and technically, they delivered. Cosmetics and some boosts were paid but maps, heroes, weapons and gadgets were free with plenty of updates to come.

So why the rage from players? Well, when the game launched back in November 2017, it was clear to players that it had severe grind problems, you could get most of the stuff for free but you would need a modest amount of game time to get free in-game currency.

So you would get a very small amount of free currency per game, and you could spend it in heroes or random crates, these could be bought by a modest amount of free currency or a simple amount of paid currency.

Also you have several battle classes for you to play as, and their progression system was upgraded by applying cards for that specific class. Where do you get those cards? Well through those battle crates I mentioned, that are randomized. You could get many things from them like card upgrades, crafting materials for upgrades, emotes and poses, but one thing you could not obtain were heroes or weapons. But you did not have the option to buy even with paid currency something specific like a card so you always needed to buy the random battle crates and hope for the best of luck.

This made players angry and generated enormous backlash for the game and the industry, making this way of monetizing games a wide spread topic till this day, all thanks to this game.

So we’re in 2020, the last update has rolled, the live service has ended and the product is finished. Is the game worth it after all that drama and controversy?

Yes! It’s better than ever and deserves your attention, after all this EA listened and DICE delivered. It’s a shame that we didn’t get this at the launch, but maybe if this controversy never happened in the first place the game wouldn’t be as good as it is now so let’s see how it improved.

First the Single Player campaign was a great step in the right direction. It’s something the previous battlefront was missing, It did not see any changes with new updates and it was not all that good to begin with. The introduction of the carácter Iden Versio, from a special elite unit of the Empire the Inferno squad, the story started well, but as you finish missions, it becomes enveloped in very predictable Star War troupes, and with the appearance of some old beloved characters, Iden Versio stops ceases to be all that impressive Don’t get me wrong, the story is okay but I’ve seen better. The Cameos during the story are good, though.

There several Single Player Modes you can choose that put you in certain battle scenarios vs bots, you have a Sandbox Mode where you can control some aspects of the battle scenarios, the last is Instant Action where you are up against a wave of bots, with some of them on your team also to give you the impression you’re in a big war.

Multiplayer mode  is much better than the previous one, Dice separated the air combat from the ground combat into two different game modes. Thankfully Battlefront 2 made both, Galactic Assault has an all out ground and air war, with ships and infantry and also maintained the two separate modes.

It has more game modes than the last entry, seven at the time of release and  three new ones being added afterwards. Well get to the ones added with the live service later on.

They all feel great, some more complex than others, but one of my greatest concerns was how they would balance the heroes against normal troopers in the matches. They are powerful and feel good to use, but they are not invincible, although you can’t take them down on your own. During the game you earn points throughout the match by killing opponents or completing objectives and you can use them to play as hero reinforcement or to use a special units, there is a limit of four heroes on both teams and once a player dies with one, another player on the same team can pick them and play, making it possible for almost everyone to play as a hero, hypothetically.

Ships are fun and easy to use and not so hard to master. I normally don’t enjoy vehicle gameplay in general, but I found myself enjoying jumping inside of a spaceship and blowing stuff up. One thing that the updates did not change is the matchmaking, you can’t see the list of servers and filter search, which is sad to see. I enjoy looking at a server list and picking one sometimes even building a small community thanks to that server also. On that note, there are only public servers on this game, unfortunately.

Let’s talk about blasters, they feel good and amazing. There is no reload in this game, it has been replaced with the cooling of your blaster. Once your blaster overheats you’ll need to let the blaster cool off before you can fire again, you’ll have a quick time event that will pop up and you can press the cooldown button again, if you manage to hit the good part of the bar your cooling will be faster giving you the chance to shoot more and if you miss, the cooling time will be bigger, plus if you don’t even press the button you get one average cooling time nor fast nor slow.

Many blasters are present from all eras of star wars history, classics like several blaster pistols like Dh-17 from the Rebel Alliance or the DWMB-10 heavy blaster from the First Order. Every battle class has specific weapons attributed to them. For instance, Heavy assault stormtroopers have heavy blasters and officers have blaster pistols.

Every weapon feels different from the rest and looks very detailed and unique. The input and feedback they give you is good, it’s satisfying to hear although the particle effects can be blinding sometimes, especially if you’re new to the game.

Special classes and heroes also have their unique weapons that differentiate them from the normal soldier and are exclusive to them.

So the live service has come to an end. What did it change? Everything except the gunplay. Let’s start with the elephant in the room, the micro transactions. Just a bit after the launch they were removed and they also reworked the whole progression system, where you now earn cards from level ups and can upgrade them by levelling up the battle class or vehicle, the only grief I have with this is that early weapons do feel a bit weaker compared to the weapons you get later on even. if you upgrade them. This is just a case for the very first ones, not all of them. Hearses have been made free and you now need to level up skills just like the battle classes.

Many cosmetics were also made available to lurches via free and paid currency. The crafting system was also removed. As for the free currency, distribution was tweaked to give more overall and daily, weekly and milestone missions were added to the game to make it even easier to get them.

New weapons, special forces and heroes were added, we even got a celebration of the new Star Wars films, for regardless of how you feel about those, new and free content is good for the game.

Several maps from the films and classics plus new modes were added like co-op and Ewok Hunt hunt modes and more.

Performance and stability were improved, although the game never had many problems with it.

Now at the end, is it worth coming back to and did I get value out of this 60 Euro game? Yes, it’s a shame that it is known for its controversial launch and not the amazing comeback. The new maps are very visually striking, the new reinforcement classes give the game new play styles and options like melee focused or fast pace intervention. It’s way easier to level up now classes and get the upgrades you need, you can now play some Single Player game modes to grind upgrades that would take too much time to obtain on the Multiplayer Mode. They added end game content for you to strive and collect. I keep coming back from time to time because I miss the blast action and feeling like a trooper missing all my shots, so I advise you to give it another chance or just buy it, enjoy it and have fun while Vader chokes you to death and you’ll feel like you’re part of that world.


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Art Design
The good
  • Good graphics
  • Great shooting
  • Many play styles
The bad
  • Still a bit of a grind
  • Forgetful story
  • No server select nor private servers
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