5 Reasons To Buy a Next Gen Console This Fall Instead of Upgrading Your PC


To build or not to build that is the question

With the next generation consoles coming out this month, one wonders what should I do? Upgrade my current PC or get a new console?

We have gathered all the information you need in this 5 Reasons To Buy a Next Gen Console

With amazing new hardware of the likes of Zen 3, RNDA 2 GPUs, Intel 10th Gen CPU, and Nvidia 3000 series why wouldn’t I upgrade my PC?

Today we are looking at 5 reasons for you not to buy a new gaming PC right now or upgrade your current rig, maybe you should wait or just buy something else entirely. Disclaimer, If you need a new PC because yours broke down or for a Professional reason don’t let this post stop you.

If the main use is for Gaming then sit down and strap on the seat belt and let’s reflect on this before opening your wallet just because of high numbers.

5- Size

This is pretty self-explanatory, consoles generally have been smaller in size than Gaming PCs with some exceptions the new consoles are bigger but still smaller than most standard builds, and they go well in the living room blend in nice, and easy not taking to much space or looking out of place.

To build a small Mini ATX Gaming PC it’s normally not cheap nor efficient.

To customize the looks of your PC to blend in the living room, most of the time its or very basic rectangular black shape will cost you extra. Yes, the consoles are not customizable besides internal/external storage but they are smaller and their general chape blends in with your furniture in most case scenarios.

4- Convenience 

How many times did you wish you were laying down on the couch and play some games chilling relaxed or even watching videos or movies? Plenty.

But right after you start up your computer from sleep, Windows Update Software kicks in and makes things more complex than they need? Yes, Windows it’s not made mainly for gaming on the software side over time adjustments have been made for it but it’s mainly a jack of all trades good for work and can also game.

Or when you wanna start gaming and there’s an update in the background because you had your PC turned off for the last couple of days… Uff 50GB on Call of Duty Warzone? Damm.

But you know what was made specifically for gaming? Home consoles like Playstation, Xbox, and Switch. There were more back in the days but I’m talking about right now big gaming consoles.

Plus, you can always leave your console on rest mode to update all your games over night, or whenever a patch is released.

The Consoles OS is simple and easy to use for anyone just pick up a controller and play.

They made it intuitive and do a bit of content media consumption like Youtube and movies, no extra Software is made for it that’s one of the reasons it runs games pretty good. The software is not as heavy as Windows on desktop and don’t get me started on MAC OS.

3- Peripherals 

Most of the time they are not convenient, most people use a cheap and reliable wired mouse and keyboard. On the console side, you have one controller, and that it normally has a mic in it and you can use speakers from your TV.

The consoles also come with built-in Wireless connection so you can take anywhere you want and comes included in the console.

This is simple you need more peripherals for your Gaming PC

Nowadays you can also connect your mouse and keyboard to the consoles so even that advantage in some games ceased to exist. yes, a controller normally is expensive around 4o to 70$/Euros.

But so is good gaming wireless mouse like the Logitech Lightspeed Mouse which sits at around 150$. I’m not saying that there are not cheaper options but in terms of price-quality you get better value out of the consoles peripherals that are included and even if you buy a second one.

2- The Screen(s)

One big thing you need to consider is where do you play? On a TV or a Monitor?

For all the PC fans out there that like witch refresh is on your monitor? 60hz maybe most of the cases so you won’t see many improvements above those FPS, your gains are minimal unless you have a high refresh monitor. On the TV side, most of them are 60hz and some high-end models do feature 120hz but come on how many people do you know that have them?

Consoles have been displaying games at 30 FPS mostly but with the next-gen coming and 4K support, you’ll finally be able to use your TV to the fullest with 60 and 120 fps if the game supports it.

What do I mean by all this is most people already have a TV on their house that they can use and don’t need to buy a monitor.

Most of the people building a new PC will need to upgrade your monitor to make full usage of your new gaming PC with a caveat. Low budget PCs don’t need to worry about this, but mid to high end you’ll need to open your wallet again those high-end monitors aren’t cheap especially 4k ones.

Yes, you can use your PC on a TV but it’s not the same nor as convenient as a personal monitor.

1- Price

PC gaming on the mid to high end nowadays pays a hefty tax, sometimes one of your components might cost you the same if not more than the console itself.

Even if you try to match the new console prices you’ll get one inferior system, new mouse and keyboard support make building a Gaming PC a hard case to sell, but the market for it is still there, for some Esports titles you’ll need you and it won’t break a bank due to the low spec sheet of those games normally, for people that work on the Computer if it needs high end or medium parts your good to the game also, content creators and streamers, but for most of the people that are not needed.

The new hardware in the consoles is amazing and provides excellent price to performance.

I’m not saying you can’t buy a new gaming rig, if you want something personal that you made on that you chose to use go for it I can relate to it, wanting some led or personalized case to make it special because all consoles will probably look the same with anyone else consoles they are mass-produced which lowers the cost, But you PC that you build or picked parts it’s yours, you made it happen it will perform as you made it to perform you have control an choice over it witch makes it especial.

But at the end of the day what matters is if you enjoy what you pick be it consoles or PC  they are made for you to have fun and that’s the most important part pick what you prefer, just take consideration of all the options you might be surprised.

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  • ubisoft fan1

    November 8, 2020

    One reason to choose pc: https://plus.ubisoft.com/

    • SamTheBear2

      November 9, 2020

      There are more subscriptions models and maybe one day ill do a top 5 subscriptions services, plush top Ubisoft games so stay tuned for more.

      • ubisoft fan3

        November 9, 2020

        Hi SamTheBear,
        I really canceled my XSX preorder when I found that I can have all the games I want in a little more than one ultimate price in Israel. I think it better than other subscriptions that I have or canceled because as my name suggest I like Ubisoft games much more.
        Many thanks.


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